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Suppliers Development Services


 As part of its growing commitment to “Empowering Small to Medium Enterprises” Defence Solutions Ltd, in conjunction with its sister company Support4SME Ltd, has launched its Supplier Development Service.   The service is aimed at enhancing the capability of companies in tackling a number of the areas as follows:
a.                  Submission of Tenders for Public Sector Contracts
Using its in-depth knowledge of public sector contracting Defence Solutions Ltd has always provided advice and guidance to companies with regards to the compilation of  Expression of Interest, Pre Qualification Questionnaires and Invitation to Tender submissions.
Defence Solutions Ltd as part of its enhanced service is now offering “one to one” tuition to companies. This can take the form of an overview/seminar or detailed workshop involving procurement staff and senior management and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a company as necessary. 
b.                 ISO Accreditation.  
With most of the public sectors it is almost a fundamental prerequisite for companies to have Quality Management System in place and in particular to hold ISO 9001-2008 Accreditation. Likewise, and increasingly so, it is expected for companies to have ISO14001-2004 Environmental accreditation.   
Defence Solutions Ltd can assist companies in their development of suitable Quality and Environment Management Systems as well as offer advice on the accreditation process. Besides this Defence Solutions Ltd can also offers companies advice on Health & Safety related matters including ISO 18001 Health & Safety.
c.                  Other Contract Documentation.
Defence Solutions Ltd offers companies additional advice on compilation of additional documentation including:
·        Environmental & Sustainability Statements & Policies,
·        Equal Opportunities,
·        Safety Management Plans,
·        Project Plans
·        Key Date & Critical Path Maps
·        Risk Assessments & Plans
·        Technical Compliance Statements
·        Security Plans
The list above is not exhaustive please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular needs as necessary.
d.         Auditing of Companies.  
As part of the enhanced service, and having undertaken a great deal of auditing of companies, Defence Solutions Ltd is offering to visit companies to review and offer advice on possible improvements that should result in increasing a company’s competitiveness, enhance its capabilities and broaden the market sectors in which it operates. 
d.                  Partnering and/or Teaming
Companies can also benefit from “Partnering” or “Teaming” arrangements that enables individual companies to bid for contracts that would either be too large or include aspects for which a particular company cannot undertake/meet all of the requirements. This has proved to be especially beneficial for a number of our current clients and brings the additional benefits for example of  increased networking.
Defence Solutions Ltd can put in place “Partnering/Teaming” policies, draw up Memorandum of Understanding and Non Disclosure Agreements.
e.                  Supply Chain Reviews.
Is your Supply Chain working for your company? Historically, many companies have utilised the same companies as part of their supply chain over a number of years with mixed results. If your company is looking for new suppliers that can provide you with an enhanced service or for new suppliers then why not contact us. We have a large number of clients whom we have audited and can recommend as appropriate. 
Please note that we are linking this aspect with a new service that we will be offering to major Prime Contractors and OEMs concerning Supply Chains, further details of which will be published shortly.